Finding My Purpose and Digging into a West Shore Fall

The cool weather came in yesterday. In Tahoe, even in the midst of summer, once that sun goes down it's chilly. But now there is a slight chill in the air always. Tourons and cidiots have disappeared and the drive to work is much less taxing. It's quiet except for the sugared-up high schoolers at the Safeway on Friday nights, celebrating a Lakers Football win in the parking lot. Middle aged leather-skinned Raiders fans chat about football in the produce aisles and if you're wearing a Bay area sports team cap, you get to join in.

The aspens that line the downtown of each tiny city around the lake are starting to think about snoozing til spring. Their leaves are curling up a bit. The general store downstairs has new shorter hours and celebrated the end of a very long summer season with a bonfire live band party at the beach. Daytime seems like its getting faster and the night is slowing itself down. I'm perfecting a vegan pumpkin spice latte that I can make on lazy weekend mornings as Starbucks is too far and too burnt and too expensive to even consider. Sidenote: I guarantee my recipe is better. Serious.

It's so close to being fall. And all y'all can keep your Christmas to yourself. Fall is the most wonderful time of the year. And Tahoe is getting more beautiful with each passing calendar day.

I am a very far cry away from where I was a week ago. Missing home, craving familiarity, I had it in my head that we were headed home after this vacation year. I pinpointed the reason being that everyone has a story that lead them to Tahoe and an adjoining tale of what made them stay. I didn't feel like I had the latter, until Friday, my unofficial first day at my second job.

As premature as it sounds after only two days on the job, it's quite obvious that I am here to work for Aston Kinetics.

When I first met Judith and Brian, I instantly felt at ease. They both radiate positive energy so effortlessly that my first interview was nerve-free and quite enjoyable. I was excited about a job again, which was such a foreign feeling that I really didn't know how to process it. My first day included extensive Hawaii map review, meeting a registered nutritionist named Astiko, and realizing my lake view from my office. After catching up on office duties, I get the privilege of bringing Aston Kinetics to the world via social media, a challenge I get really amped up about, and something that spills into my spare time with lists and ideas and a really grateful heart.

Fall has always been my New Years: a chance to start over with sharpened pencils and new outfits. This fall is no different, except I feel completely new. Everything is different, but this time it feels right. I teach in the mornings with ease and I decompress in the afternoons in an office space that feels more like a retreat. I catch myself being brave, as when I want to speak in front of strangers, there is less of a shake and more of a firm anchor on the ground. I see my nerves resembling something much more substantial than noodles and try not to question it or understand it or really ask anything of it. I am trying to receive this gift as is, sometimes painful, sometimes nothing but blissful, but receive it fully. And as football heats up and baseball winds down, the pine trees shed their needles and pumpkins abound, my fall resolution is to show up, be present, and take care of this moment. And maybe get a haircut. It's quite overdue.